Anna Bergstrand

PhD; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Technology

Anna has a BSc in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry, University of Essex, and a PhD from Applied Surface Chemistry, Chalmers.

​Design of bioactive and bodyabsorbable implants 

Implants are commonly used for the treatment of bone fractures and joint replacement. To get a successful implantation and to avoid implant loosening, the interactions between the bone and the implant are critical. A local administration of an active pharmaceutical substance which induces bone formation at the implant-bone interface is an attractive approach. This can be achieved by incorporating the substance in a biodegradable polymer coating on the implant.
Active pharmaceutical substances with different hydrophobicity, size and charge is incorporated in biodegradable polymers and the influence of formulation variables (and formulation agents) on material structure and mechanical properties is studied. The material structure will affect the swelling and degradation of the polymer as well as the mass transport and release of active substance from the material. The mass transport of incorporated substances will be studied and correlated to the microscopic structure of the material. The release of substances, swelling and degradation of the material will also be correlated to the effect in vitro and in vivo with the differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells into bone cells and enhanced bone growth in rats, respectively. The long term goal is to create materials for improved bone growth around metallic bone implants.

Page manager Published: Mon 21 Dec 2015.