Anna Åberg

Researcher, Technology Management and Economics

Anna Åberg is a historian of technology, with a focus on energy- and resource history, and narratives of science and technology in popular culture. Her research themes span from internationa fusion research, through Swedish uranium import and sea- and space mining, to sports history and narratives of energy and the environment in popular culture.

Anna is engaged in the international networks Tensions of Europe and the Society for the History of Technology.
Högselius, Per, Åberg, Anna, Kaijser, Arne, "Natural Gas in Cold War Europe: The Making of a Critical Infrastructure", in Eds. Hommels, Anique, Högselius, Per, Kaijser, Arne & Van der Veluten, Erik, The Making of Europe’s Critical Infrastructures (Basingstoke: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2013)

Åberg, Anna, A Gap in the Grid: Attempts to Introduce Natural Gas in Sweden 1967-1991, diss. (Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology, 2013)

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