Anders Nordelöf

Researcher, Technology Management and Economics

Anders Nordelöf's research investigates how technologies for electric propulsion change the environmental impacts of road vehicles and other types of vehicles for transportation and industry, using life cycle assessment (LCA) and other environmental systems analysis tools. The purpose is to provide advice and guidance for the development of technology with reduced environmental impact and increased long-term sustainability. The research includes both in-depth technical mapping at component level, as well as an overall systems perspective. Methodological development of LCA is also an important part.

Anders Nordelöf was previously a business area manager at Consat AB, an engineering firm, and he has worked as a technical project manager focusing on electric propulsion of vehicles, charging infrastructure, electric roads and energy conversion in various forms.

Anders Nordelöf is theme leader for the research area Electromobility in Society within the Swedish Electromobility Center, a national competence center for electromobility where Chalmers is the host university. He is also co-responsible for the coordination of the profile area Sustainable Vehicle Technologies, which is joint between two areas of advance, Energy and Transport, with his main activities within the Area of Advance Energy.

  • Sustainable Transportation, TEK465 (2018- )
  • Li-Ion battery systems for vehicles and energy storage applications, EEN016 (2019-)

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