Navid Amani

PhD student, Electrical Engineering

Navid Amani is a PhD student in Antenna systems research group, particularly involved in Silicon Based Ka-Band Massive MIMO (SILIKA) project. The goal is to examine the most promising irregular sparse array (ISA) architectures in order to identify both fundamental and practical limitations of such antenna systems for Massive MIMO applications. A holistic system-level approach is employed to characterize MIMO transceiver base station antennas in two extreme propagation scenarios of a 'real-life' channel, i.e., the so-called edge reference environments: Rich Isotropic Multipath and Random Line-of-Sight. The element geometry and array layout will be optimized by using the compressive sensing approach for the synthesis of maximally sparse arrays in the presence of antenna mutual coupling.

Page manager Published: Tue 02 May 2017.