Maria Abrahamsson

Professor; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry
Director of Chalmers Material Science Area of Advance

The research in the Abrahamsson-group is centered around conversion of solar energy to solar fuels. We use a combined molecular-materials approach to convert solar energy into redox equvivalents that can be used to drive chemical reactions. We aim at photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide with sunlight. In addition to the photocatalyis, we also study the photophysics and photochemistry of transition metal compounds, in solution and on surfaces, both for photosensitizing purposes and spin cross-over applications. The various electron and energy transfer reactions we are concerned about are studied by various spectroscopic tools, such as ultrafast spectroscopy and electrochemical methods.

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Abrahamssons forskningsgrupp

Applied optical spektroscopy (KFK150) lecturer and responsible for the course

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