Xiaobo Qu

Professor/Research grop leader, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Geology and geotechnics, Urban Mobility Systems

Xiaobo Qu is a professor and research group leader in the Division of Geology and Geotechnics, research group Urban Mobility Systems, Chalmers University of Technology. Throughout his academic career, he has been endeavoring to practically improve transport safety, efficiency, equity, and sustainability through traffic flow modelling, network optimization, and most recently emerging technologies. In particular, his research has been applied to improvement of emergency services, operations of electric vehicles and connected automated vehicles, and management of vulnerable road users.

He has authored or co-authored over 90 journal articles published at top tier journals in the area of transport engineering, and he is a recipient of many prestigious awards. His research has been supported by Australian Research Council Discovery Programme, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Sydney Trains, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova, and European Union. Xiaobo is now an Associate Editor/Editorial Board Member for IEEE Trans on Cybernetics, IEEE ITS Magazine, Journal of Transportation Engineering ASCE, Transportation Research Part A, Computer Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, etc.
ACE050 Transportation Engineering, ACE055 Advanced Transport Systems 

​​​My three most important publications
1. Wang, S., Zhang, W., and Qu, X.*, 2018. Trial-and-error train fare design scheme for addressing boarding/alighting congestion at CBD stations. Transportation Research Part B, 118, 318-335. 
2. Li, X., Ghiasi, A., Xu, Z., and Qu, X. *, 2018. A Piecewise Trajectory Optimization Model for Connected Automated Vehicles: Exact Optimization Algorithm and Queue Propagation Analysis. Transportation Research Part B, 118, 429-456. 
3. Li, X., Medal, H., Qu, X.*, 2018. Connected Heterogeneous Infrastructure Location Design under Additive Service Utilities. Transportation Research Part B, 120 , 99-124.
4. Qu, X.*, Zhang, J., and Wang, S., 2017. On the Stochastic Fundamental Diagram for Freeway Traffic: Model Development, Analytical Properties, Validation, and Extensive Applications. Transportation Research Part B, 104, 256-271. 
5. Qu, X.*, Wang, S., and Zhang, J., 2015. On the fundamental diagram for freeway traffic: A novel calibration approach for single-regime models. Transportation Research Part B, 73, 91-102​

Published: Mon 08 Apr 2019.