Viktor Nilsson

PhD student, Materials Physics, Department of Physics

PhD student in Patrik Johansson group since August 2015. The project is shared between Chalmers and Uppsala University, with Kristina Edström as co-supervisor.

Highly concentrated electrolytes are promising candidates for a new generation of Li-Ion batteries. They may allow use of solvents that would break down in dilute concentrations, faster charging and discharging, and also the use of metallic Li anodes due to decreased dendritic growth. The overall goals are to understand the bulk transport mechanisms and the electrode surface films formed from electrolyte reaction products and their respective effect on cell performance. The study will specifically target local coordination of cations (e.g. Li+), relation between physical properties of the electrolytic liquid and ion transport as well as reactions of electrolyte with surfaces.

Published: Fri 24 Jan 2020.