Rickard Bensow

Full Professor at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Marine Technology

Rickard Bensow's research deals with understanding what forms the key hydrodynamic features of a good design and developing computational methods to approach these design considerations. This concerns e.g. hull resistance, propeller cavitation, noise, and propulsor hull interaction effects. Improved designs are characterised by reduced fuel consumption, reduced noise and vibrations, reduced production costs, and improved life span.
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​The research group has a well evolved cooperation with Kongsberg Maritime related to marine propulsion systems, and supports Kongsberg with tool development for simulation and design, as well as expert knowledge in cavitation, energy systems, scale effects, among others. The UTC was initiated by Rolls-Royce in 2002 and was transferred to Kongsberg in connection with the purchase of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine in 2019; Prof Bensow has been the director of the UTC since 2010. The centre encompasses several PhD and post-doc projects with funding directly from Kongsberg as well as in cooperation with external funding parties.

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