Nikolaos Xafenias

Visiting researcher,
Biology and Biological Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology

Dr. Nikolaos Xafenias is a researcher at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering. His research focuses on the sustainable production of valuable chemicals and fuels, and the recovery of nutrients from wastewater streams. He is mainly working with bioelectrochemical systems, devices where whole microbes are utilized to catalyze electrochemical reactions. By merging wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, and microbial electrosynthesis processes, the overall aim is to develop novel methods and promote biorefinery-based alternatives for the energy and chemical industries.

​Ongoing projects:
i) Sustainable production of value-added fuels and commodity products via microbial electrosynthesis; personal funding received from Ångpanneföreningens Forskningsstiftelse (ÅForsk)

ii) Nutrient recovery via Bioelectrochemical Systems; this project is part of the Formas-funded project “Upgrading of renewable domestic raw materials to value-added bulk and fine chemicals for a bio-based economy: technology development, systems integration and environmental impact assessment”

Finished projects:
Improvement of biogas generation by coupling bioelectrochemical systems to anaerobic digestion; this project was funded by Göteborg Energi

Published: Wed 17 Oct 2018.