Lars Evenäs

Professor; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry

Lars Evenäs’ research group has a focus on characterization methodology and materials development in the field of surface and colloid chemistry. The characterization is often based on the application of NMR spectroscopy, ranging from solid-state (e.g. molecular linearity in fibers) and diffusometry (e.g. molecular association in solution) to high-resolution methods (e.g. quantification of multi-functionalized polymers). From a materials perspective, molecular and supramolecular properties of biomass-based materials is one of the main interests where cellulose is the central polymer. Another focus is formulation and physical properties of core-shell particles in order to achieve controlled release of active substances from coatings or fibrillar materials.

Lars Evenäs is Director of Studies for the graduate school Materials Science and coordinator of basic education at the department. He is examiner and/or lecturer in Colloids and Polymers (KTK106), Surface and Materials Chemistry (KTK116), Materials Science (LKT280), Surface Chemistry (KTK095), Individual Project in Materials Chemistry (KBT305), Bachelor's Thesis in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (KBTX10), and various Thesis projects (KBTX11, KBTX12, KBTX61).

PhD student
Viktor Eriksson

Postdoctoral fellows

Alexander Idström
Koyuru Nakayam
Leo Svenningsson

Student Research Assistant
Sofia Edegran

Master student
Jakob Karlsson
Guest student
Stamatia Staikoglou, University of Ioannina (Greece)

Deputy supervisor for PhD students Smaragda Maria Argyri, Frida Bilén, and Anna Peterson

Former group members
Hashem Alwardi, Bachelor's degree 2017
Hanna Andersson, Master's degree 2015
Kim Andersson, Master's degree 2014
Markus Andersson Trojer, postdoctoral fellow 2012-2013
Alina Beer, Master's degree 2017
Jonatan Bergek, doctoral degree 2017
Lorenz Bock, Master's degree 2015
Sara Carlsson, Master's degree 2015
Victoria Davidsson, Bachelor's degree 2016
Gaêlle-Sêta El-Achkar, Bachelor's degree 2016
Viktor Eriksson, Master's degree 2019
Gustav Eriksson, Master's degree 2018
Hilary Fabich, guest student 2012
Yuan Fang, postdoctoral fellow 2018-19
Francois Feidt, Master's degree 2009
Nancy Figueroa, guest student 2016
Lukas Hansen, Bachelor's degree 2017
Anna-Karin Hellström, doctoral degree 2019
Alexander Idström, doctoral degree 2015
Simon Isaksson, project researcher 2013
Petrus Jakobsen, Master's degree 2019
Magnus Jarl, Bachelor's degree 2017
Emil Lukasiewicz, Master's degree 2019
Jules Mistral, guest student 2019
Alberta Mok, project researcher 2011-2012
Hanna de la Motte, postdoctoral fellow 2013-2015
Alireza Movahedi, guest student 2008
Walida Somsri, Bachelor's degree 2018
Leo Svenningsson, doctoral degree 2020
Cedrik Wiberg, doctoral degree 2020

Szilvia Vavra, Master's degree 2017
Åsa Östlund, postdoctoral fellow 2012-2014


Deputy supervisor for PhD students Sanna Björkegren, Anders Johnson, Mariam Masuda, Alberta Mok, Negin Yaghini, and Åsa Östlund. Deputy host for postdoctoral fellow Mohammad Hasani and Mohammad Mizanur Rahman. Deputy supervisor for Master’s degree students Viktor Bernander, Simone Creci, Charlotte Cronquist, Alice Flodin, Fredrik Hallberg, Alberta Mok, Fabian Olsson, Anna Peterson, and Lisa Åkerlund. Deputy supervisor for Bachelor’s degree students Eliza Farmand and Sofia Holmberg.

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