Krister Holmberg

Professor Emeritus; Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Division of Applied Chemistry

My research has covered surfactant chemistry, reactions in microheterogeneous media, encapsulation technology, nanomaterials and biotechnological surface chemistry. Emphasis has been on the role of amphiphilic molecules in different formulations and on development and characterization of novel amphiphiles. Much of the work has been made together with companies and I have been involved in projects within a broad range of areas, including specialty chemicals, pharmaceutics, personal care, detergents, coatings, pulp and paper, mineral ore flotation, and oil recovery.
I’m a member of three academies: IVA, KVA and KVVS.
Vinn Excellence Center SuMo Biomaterials
Linnaeus Centre Supra

Surfactants, mesoporous materials, organic synthesis, bioorganic synthesis, lipase, controlled release

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