Karin Anne Xia Gong

Coordinator in the Centre SSEMAT and Project leader in “High temperature high strength wear resistance coating materials for advanced industry application”.

Karin Gong works as coordinator in Sino-Swedish Advanced Materials Exchange Centre (SSEMAT). Her role is to establish a broad network and exchange a mutual cooperation work in advanced materials research area between China and Sweden.

In VINNOVA project, she focus her research on wear resistance coating materials for engine application. The goal is to produce a mechanical face seal with a longer life time compared to present design at a favorable cost/performance ratio using a new material applied by laser cladding.

She is also a member of China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP) and working on establishing cooperation in promoting scientific and technological personnel exchange, based on the principles of equality, reciprocity and mutual benefits between the two authorities.
Two projects have been performed with Chalmers and Höganäs as participants. The first [1] project was concerned with the wear performance of hot isostatically pressed (HIP) materials constituted by Ni3Al with and without the addition of MnS or Cr3C2 particles. The results with added particles showed great promise and the second project [2] was concerned mainly with Ni3Al matrix and Cr3C2 particles. This time the material was applied as a coating by laser cladding. Again the wear results are promising. A deeper understanding of the metallography of the Ni3Al based composites was also achieved in this project. Two patent applications have been filed (CISRI and Höganäs) exploiting the results of the projects.

Page manager Published: Mon 19 Mar 2018.