Iwan Darmadi

Post doc, Chemical Physics, Department of Physics

I am part of the SSF-granted “Plastic Plasmonic” research project lead by Christoph Langhammer. It is an interdisciplinary project with a long-term goal to develop scalable and cheap H2 and NO2 sensor device. The sensor will be a new class of material – Plastic Plasmonic Hybrid (PPH) - where we integrate plasmonic nanoparticle in specific polymer matrix that will meet certain criteria to be implemented in realistic application.

My specific roles in the team are screening of the suitable plasmonic nanoparticle materials, testing of the PPH sensing performance, and eventually demonstrating a modular “plug-and-play” H2 sensor.

Address: Fysikgrand 3, 5th floor, Room F5109
Phone: 031-772 32 19

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