Hanna Härelind

Professor; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Competence Centre for Catalysis
Head of Division Applied Chemistry

Hanna Härelind is Professor at the division of Applied Chemistry. Her research interests are devoted to heterogeneous catalysis, particularly focusing on catalyst design and synthesis and the interplay between the catalytic material and reactions and reaction mechanisms at the catalyst surface. For instance, in-situ spectroscopic techniques are used to follow reactions at surfaces. Important applications include catalytic emission control from vehicles (also bio-fuelled vehicles) and marine vessels, as well as synthesis of green (bio) chemicals using heterogeneous and photo-induced catalysis.

Catalysis (KTK012), examiner
The overall aim of the course is to provide an understanding of the basic and applied aspects of the phenomenon catalysis and important industrial applications of heterogeneous catalysis. The level of understanding should be such that the students in their profession as engineers should be able to participate in discussions regarding selection of catalysts, methods to prepare and characterize catalysts, and methods to avoid catalyst deactivation.

Catalysis, emission abatement, materials science, transport, green chemistry

Published: Thu 29 Aug 2019.