Fredrik Höök

Professor, Nano and Biophysics, Department of Physics

Fredrik Höök received a PhD in physics from Chalmers, Sweden, in 1997 and his research has focused on the development of surface-based bioanalytical tools, such as QCM-D, localized SPR and more recently TIRF microscopy, and their combination with microfluidics for fundamental studies of cell-membrane mimics but also for use in diagnostic and drug-screening applications. Efforts are presently focused on (i) new methods with single molecule sensitivity for studies of membrane proteins and virus infection, (ii) microfluidic platforms for cell-membrane chromatography and (iii) sophisticated surface modifications and nanofabrication schemes to facilitate improved analysis of supported cell-membrane mimics, membrane proteins and virus binding and infection. He is co-founder of Q-Sense,, who is a lead developer of QCM-D instruments. He has been awarded an Individual Grant for the Advancement of Research Leaders by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research in 2006 and the Göran Gustafsson prize in Physics by the Royal Swedish Society of Academy in 2012.

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