Fang Liu

Docent at the division of Materials and Manufacture, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Fang Liu's research interest is to reveal the physical and chemical mechanisms underlying materials related phenomena, for instance creep and high temperature corrosion, and to establish the correlations between processing, microstructure, and properties. She uses highly sophisticated microscopy and spectroscopy to study a wide range of material systems, including high temperature structural alloys, light alloys and polymer composites, and semiconductors. With strong and collaborative work with theoretical colleagues and industry partners, the group of researchers to which she belongs, ensure that their discoveries translate into reliable prediction tools, and real world applications in an efficient way.
Examiner and coordinator of a Master’s course – TIF 110 Advanced Analysis Methods – 7.5 ECTS, annual.

Co-developed a PhD course “Atom Probe Tomography” – 3 ECTS, biennial. Also give lectures, and instruct labs.

Develop and teach in –TEM Course for Industry Researchers

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