Elly Lucia Gaggini

Doctoral student, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Water Environment Technology

lly Lucia Gaggini is a doctoral student in the Division of Water Environment Technology, research theme Urban water and contaminated materials, at Chalmers.

Traffic and road runoff are believed to be important sources of microplastics to the marine environment, but there is a large knowledge gap concerning the occurrence and spread of microplastics in stormwater systems.

Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and hydrodynamic models, Elly’s research aims at modelling the processes affecting the transport of microplastics in stormwater systems.

The results of the research will give understanding of the spread and occurrence of microplastics in the environment and can also suggest optimal techniques to prevent the pollutants from reaching receiving waters.

The project is funded by FORMAS and Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
Water resources and hydraulics (BOM270)
Water Systems and Modelling (ACE085)​

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