Dinis Oliveira

PhD Student at the department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, division Maritime Studies, unit Maritime Environmental Sciences

Dinis studies biofouling on ships' hulls, i.e. the growth of marine organisms leading to increased frictional resistance and thence increased fuel consumption. Thus, the project includes characterizing biofouling communities, developing a friction model and optimizing current methods of hull cleaning. He is also involved in lab/field tutorials and discussion seminars with students from Master Mariner, Shipping and Logistics (Bachelor programs) and Maritime Management (Master program). Before Dinis started his PhD at Chalmers in August, 2015, he studied integrated Master in Bioengineering (University of Porto, Portugal, 2009-2015).
​​Course assistant in courses:
SJO851 “Towards sustainable shipping”
SJO163 “Environmental management in shipping”
SJM040 “Hållbar sjöfart ur ett miljöperspektiv”.

Published: Mon 02 Oct 2017.