David Albinsson

Post doc, Chemical Physics, Department of Physics

I have worked as a PhD student in the the group of Christoph Langhammer since the beginning of 2016 where I work with the combination of plasmonics, nanofluidics and catalysis.
The main goal of my project is to enable the characterization of individual catalytic nanoparticles under reaction conditions while simultaniously measuring their reactivity.
To achieve this, I am developing a miniaturized chemical reactor based on nanofluidic channels that are decorated with metallic nanoparticles. To measure the chemical state of individual nanoparticles under reaction conditions I rely on a technique known as plasmonic sensing. This optical sensing techniques relies on the phenomenon localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) that can be used to detect nanoscopic changes in and around nanoparticles. This system is then used to correlate structureal and chemical changes of individual particels with changes in their reactivity.

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