Björn Wickman

Associate Professor, Chemical Physics, Department of Physics

My research is in the fields of electrocatalysis, photoelectrocatalysis and surface reactions for environmental and sustainable energy applications. The activities include studies of the electrodes and catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs), photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation and electrolysis to create sustainable fuels, as well as water cleaning projects. By designing well controlled model systems in combination with powerful analysis and characterization techniques, improved understanding of a large range of important electrochemical systems is obtained.

- Environmental Physics (TIF075)

- Nanotechnology for sustainable energy (TIF165)

- Energy related materials (TIF260)

- Catalytic Emission Control

- Teknik för lärare (LLTK60)

- Teknik som skolämne, del 2 (LTK020)

- Teknik 2 för gymnasielärare (LGTK20)

- Teknik 2 för lärare åk 7-9 (L9TK20)

- Teknik för lärare i gymnasieskolan (LLTK90)

ResearcherID:   A-6556-2011

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