Bijan Aryana

Senior Lecturer at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

I have a background in product design and since joining academia have always been interested to know how people and organisations perceive design in various socio-economic contexts. Through my professional career I explored areas like country-specific design, design for business-to-business, design for start-ups and SMEs, and design for mental health. I also worked and lived in different countries including Iran, Norway, Turkey and the UK.

From these experiences I realised that effective implementation of design requires a comprehensive approach towards enterprises, where design can play a role on multiple levels, including shaping the identity of enterprise, improving internal procedures, and creating the ultimate services, products, or experiences. The enterprise approach towards design can amplify the social, ethical, and environmental impact of design and increase the feasibility of provided solutions.

Page manager Published: Fri 13 Sep 2019.