Alexander Idström

PhD; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Applied Chemistry, Lars Nordstierna Group

Alexander wrote his Master Thesis at Astrazeneca R&D, Mölndal and acquired a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering in 2010. He started his research studies at Applied Surface Chemistry in November 2010. The main focus is to study the phenomenon of hornification in cellulose fibrils, with the use of solid-state NMR. Hornification occurs in e.g. chemical pulp when subjected for drying and wetting cycles.

The PhD position is a collaboration between Chalmers and Södra Cell, whom are interested in the understanding of this phenomenon. Most of the research is conducted on the Swedish NMR Center in Göteborg.
Lab assistant, Galenisk Farmaci (KBT045)
Solid state NMR, Cellulose, Hornification

Published: Wed 04 Dec 2019.