Lisbeth Olsson

  • Full Professor, Industrial Biotechnology, Life Sciences
  • Centrumföreståndare, Life Sciences

Lisbeth Olsson is professor in Industrial Biotechnology, joined Chalmers in 2008. Her PhD degree is from 1994 in Applied Microbiology at Lund University. 1994-2008, she worked at the Technical University of Denmark. She is codirector and PI in Wallenberg Wood Science Center, a research center aiming at developing novel, sustainable material from wood and she is active in Chalmers Area of Advance Energy. Lisbeth is elective member of and in Gothenburg . In 2018 she was awarded , the and the . Furthermore, Lisbeth has a part time assignment as Secretary General for Research infrastructure at the since 2021 .

Lisbeth Olsson works in the area of Industrial Biotechnology focusing on design and use of enzymes and microorganisms in processes where plant cell wall material is converted to fuels, chemicals, material, food ingredients and pharmaceuticals. An important driving force for her in research is to contribute to sustainable solutions for the bioeconomy. Biorefinery concepts are important contributions to a bioeconomy. The research in her group is supported by grants from several funding agencies, including the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Lisbeth has broad teaching experience ranging from basic teaching at bachelor level to graduate training in the fields of life science, biochemistry, food microbiology, industrial biotechnology, fermentation technology, enzyme technology, process analytical technology and metabolic engineering. Currently she is gives some lectures in Industrial Biotechnology (KBT 090) and in the PhD course ”industrial biotechnology for lignocellulose based processes”.