Elise Nordin

  • Postdoc, Food and Nutrition Science, Life Sciences

Elise is a PhD student at the division of Food and Nutrition Science. Her research is in the field of personalized nutrition in the project Optimal Diets for Metabotypes (OpDiMet). She has conducted an intervention study with 110 people with IBS to investigate the relation between diet, microbiota and IBS. The overall aim is to predict responses to foods by grouping individuals into metabotypes, in clusters with similar metabolic regulation based on the physiological response of foods. The metabotyping is based on metabolomics together with microbiota analysis and clinical data. Studies has shown that people seem to respond differently to foods possibly due to differences in biochemistry, metabolism, genetics, microbiota and lifestyle. To predict responses of foods on a group level bring great potential of positive health effects in society.