Christian Ekberg

  • Head of Division, Energy and Materials, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Full Professor, Energy and Materials, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Christian Ekberg is the holder of Stena’s Chair in Industrial Materials Recycling since 2007 and since 2012 professor of Nuclear Chemistry. He is also division manager for nuclear chemistry / industrial materials recycling, Energy and Material. His career started with modeling chemical systems, foremost groundwater flows. The main issue was how uncertainties in input data to the chemical models affected the out data, so called uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. With time the focus was shifted to experimental determination of stability constants and mainly by solvent extraction. After dissertation Ekberg spent a post doc. at the Australian Nuclear and safety organistation, ANSTO. After returning home Ekberg became responsible for the separation and transmutation research at Nuclear Chemistry at Chalmers at the same time as the research of thermodynamic and solvent extraction was expanded. Recently the focus was broadened to include the production and recyclability of novel innovative nuclear fuels. Ekberg is the leader of research projects in both Industrial materials recycling and nuclear chemistry.