Learning and leadership, MSc

120 credits (2 years, language of instruction: Swedish)

Train to become a secondary school teacher in a unique programme that combines your engineering skills with communication and collaboration. 

Lärande och ledarskap (Learning and leadership) is a unique Swedish taught master's programme that combines your knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences and technology with skills in communication and collaboration.  

You will find programme information and application (in Swedish) here​.

​​Note that the language of instruction is Swedish.​​​​​​​​​​

Student interview

Our teachers are very committed”
Elvira, Sweden, Learning and leadership

Why did you choose this programme? 
– Even before I started at Chalmers, I was thinking about becoming a high school teacher. Then I heard about this master's programme, where you could get a double master's degree and become a teacher and a civil engineer at the same time! It sounded like a great opportunity for me to combine engineering skills with my desire to work with other people. After my bachelor's in Chemical engineering, I also realized that you don't necessarily need to work in a lab or count on different molecules all day long. Many workplaces also need engineers who could lead groups, projects, or maybe work with company education. Since I would describe myself as someone who loves to teach others and often enters a leadership role in different groups, I knew this was a perfect master for me. 

What have you been working on?
– In this master's, the education is conducted both on campus, in high schools, and at companies. Right now, I and four other students have a development project with a company called UNICO. We have been commissioned to develop two of their courses for a vocational university for CAD-constructors students. I really like to be able to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and make contacts with different companies during my studies!

What do you like the most about your programme?
– The best thing about the programme, besides the different internships, is the "family feeling" we have in class. This is a master's with smaller groups of students which leads to a good classroom environment and active lessons. All teachers are also very committed and invested in our education (they even know all of our names!). 

What do you want to do in the future?
– My studies at Chalmers and the Learning and leadership programme have given me the opportunity, based on a chemical engineering role, to create learning and to lead different companies in the right direction. I have a big interest in the chemical industry, sustainable development, project management, education, and communication. In my future professional role, I, therefore, want to combine these skills by working in a leadership role where I get to work close to other people. Maybe by creating interesting education in the technology industry or leading exciting sustainability projects forward! 

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