Mandatory enrolment

All admitted students are expected to attend the mandatory enrolment at Chalmers. The enrolment of Master's students and Exchange students is divided into two different enrolment days. To find the schedule for your enrolment day and your registration session, please visit the Student Portal.
Student Portal

Claim your study place

Please note that admission is only valid up until the day of enrolment - if you do not participate in the registration session during the enrolment day your admission will be cancelled. Please read more about how to claim your study place by being an active student at the page Claiming your study place.

Claiming your study place

What else?

When coming to Sweden bring the original version of your academic documentation. Read more about being prepared to show your documents - if this is requested during your stay - at the Student Portal.

Student Portal

Incoming student 2017?

This is the headline of the site at the Student Portal where you will find all the information you will need about the Welcome week, the mandatory enrolment etc.

Welcome to Chalmers!

Student Portal


Direct any queries regarding your admission to Chalmers Admissions at
email admissions@chalmers.se or phone: +46 31 772 25 90 (Mon-Fri 10-11 CET)

Published: Thu 17 Mar 2011. Modified: Mon 03 Apr 2017