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Lecture with Nobel laureate Alain Aspect

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Alain Aspect
Photo: Stefan Bladh © Nobel Prize Outreach Montage: Carina Schultz

The 2022 Nobel laureate in Physics, Alain Aspect, is coming to Gothenburg and will give a lecture. Welcome to attend!


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From the NobelPrize website:

Prize motivation: “for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science”

One of the most remarkable traits of quantum mechanics is that it allows two or more particles to exist in what is called an entangled state. What happens to one of the particles in an entangled pair determines what happens to the other particle, even if they are far apart. In 1981–1982, Alain Aspect conducted groundbreaking experiments using entangled light particles, photons. These and other experiments confirm that quantum mechanics is correct and pave the way for quantum computers, quantum networks and quantum encrypted communication.

The doors open at 10.20!