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How AI will cure the healthcare system and the patient: From medical breakthroughs to better care

Networking event organised by the CHAIR theme AI for Scientific Data Analysis.

Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Araz Rawshani (MD), University of Gothenburg.


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Abstract, Araz Rawshani:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of modern healthcare needs. There is a shortage of resources and staff, and evidence-based medicine is tormented by substantial knowledge gaps. Medical research is marked by a lack of reproducibility and clinically useful results.

AI has the potential to transform research, healthcare, and health outcomes for the better. It is very likely that AI will become a superhuman doctor in the near future, which could lead to immense benefits for both individuals and society.

However, the path to the future is complex, and much work remains before we harness all the power at our disposal. This lecture discusses the potential and challenges standing in the way of medical breakthroughs and patient-safe care.


AI for Scientific Data Analysis

This theme is about utilizing the power of AI as a tool for scientific research. AI can be applied to, and potentially speed up, discovery and utilization in a variety of research disciplines, such as microscopy, physics, biology, chemistry, and astronomy.