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Welcome to a new research seminar

We are proud to present our research seminars for Spring 2023 from the department of communication and learning in science. You are more than welcome to participate - in real life or online. No registration necessary.


The event has passed

The theme for the first seminar

Systematic Relation between Perception of Course Elements and Overall Impression: Evidence from 4015 Surveys over 10 years

Short description

So, what is the systematic relationship between course elements, assessed during the course evaluation, and the overall impression about the course (question N8)? And how do the course evaluation results relate to learning? We will present our findings and have good time discussing them from several perspectives.

The seminar will start with a short presentation, followed by discussion.


  • Alyona Khaslavskaya, PhD Candidate at Service Management and Logistics, TME
  • Ivan Sanchez-Diaz, Associate professor at Service Management and Logistics, TME