Yujing Liu

Full Professor, Electrical engineering

After 17 years working in ABB Corporate Research Center in Sweden, Yujing Liu became Full Professor in 2013 on electrical power engineering with focus on the applications of electrical machines and power electronics in sustainable electrical systems. Yujing Liu leads his research team to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for renewable energy conversion and transportation electrification. Some examples of on-going research include (1) electrically-excited machine; (2) integrated PE-machine drive; (3) fuel cell powered drivetrain; (4) modular distributed vehicle drive; (5) 5-level MV NPC converter and MV PM generator for renewable energy; (6) synchronous reluctance motor; and (7) inductive charging. He is task leader in 2 EU Horizon2020 projects. He teaches Electric Drives (master student course, 90 students) and High Efficiency Electrical Machines (PhD course, 26 students) and supervises 6 PhD students, 1 postdoc and several project researcher and master students.

Published: Mon 04 Mar 2013. Modified: Mon 24 Sep 2018