Wengang Mao

Associate Professor

Wengang Mao had been studying and working in the field of naval architecture and ocean engineering in China for 10 years before he came to the Chalmers University of Technology, where he got his PhD degree in the Applied Mathematical Statistics to develop statistical environmental load models for sustainable shipping. He has competence in risk and reliability analysis in ship design and operation, statistical ocean environment modelling and wave load simulation, ship performance modelling, as well as their applications for ship voyage optimizations for more energy efficiency maritime transport. His current researches focus on:

1), Develop machine learning techniques to model a ship's fuel consumption, speed-power relationship and manoeuvrability when sailing in waves;

2), Develop algorithms for autonomous shipping with optimal route planning, path following and collision avoidance;

3), Develop Spatio-temporal ocean environment modelling and ship weather routing and reliability analysis.

He has been a committee member of International Ship and offshore Structure Congress (ISSC) on ship fatigue and fracture, ship environment and load. He is also a technical member of the International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers.
  • SJO750 - Reliability analysis of marine structures​
  • TME146 - Structural Dynamics Control
  • SJO367 - Research method
  • Master thesis projects

Published: Wed 26 Feb 2020.