Torsten Sattler

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Torsten Sattler is an associate professor in the research group Computer vision and medical image analysis. His main research interests focus around developing robust and reliable 3D computer vision algorithms for applications such as Mixed Reality, Self-Driving Cars, and Robotics. To this end, Torsten works on integrating higher-level scene understanding into techniques such as visual localization and mapping. He is further interested in real-time computer vision algorithms and machine learning for computer vision tasks.

​Please see my Google Scholar page for a (reasonably) up-to-date list of publications
​January 2019: We have 5 papers accepted to ICRA 2019.
​January 2019: Our paper DGC-Net: Dense Geometric Correspondence Network received a best paper honarable mention at WACV 2019.
December 2018: Our workshop on long-term localization was accepted to CVPR 2019.

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