Tomas Ekvall

Adjunct Professor in Environmental Systems Analysis at Dept Technology Management and Economics

Tomas Ekvall develops and interprets methods for life cycle assessment and other approaches for environmental and sustainability assessment with a broad systems perspective. Internationally, Tomas is mainly recognized for his work on methods for life cycle inventory analysis. However, with his extensive experience from commissioned research and three academic research groups, Tomas has a broad methodological understanding, including scenario analysis, optimizing models, life cycle sustainability analysis, material pinch analysis, etc. He is particularly interested what kind of knowledge different methods can generate. Important applications for his research exist in the energy and waste sectors - for example for evaluation of policy for waste management and resource efficiency. The methods are also important in the industry both before strategic decisions, in product development and for eco-labeling.
The objectives of this PhD course are to give PhD students a deeper understanding of life cycle assessment (LCA) and related tools, including knowledge on state-of-the-art research in selected areas, to disseminate the expertise of Swedish senior LCA researchers to a new generation of PhD students, and to help the PhD students create an informal network of young LCA researchers.

​Ekvall T, Brandão M. 2020. Chapter 10: Modelling material recycling in life cycle assessment: how sensitive are results to the available methods? In: Brandão M, Lazarevic D, Finnveden G. Eds. Handbook of the Circular Economy. ElgarOnline.

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