Stig Franzén

Adjunct professor in HMI (Human Machine Interaction) at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Stig Franzén holds a PhD in Transportation and Logistics, with a scientific background in Electrical and Systems Engineering, Learning Psychology and Human Factors Engineering. His main area of interest is "Human beings and their roles in complex sociotechnical systems”. He has a large industrial experience, runs his own consultancy and has worked on the European scene since 1986. The focus of the R&D work has been in research programmes on urban transportation of both goods and people as well as other fields linked to ICT (information/communication technologies). Topics covered are Advanced ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Concepts, HMI (Human Machine Interaction), Safety, Transport Policy, Transferability and Deployment. His experience in impact evaluation work on the international scene is well documented.
​Supervision of PhD student, Doctoral courses, Guest lecturer

Area of Advance


Member of the ERTRAC Working Group on Urban Mobility
Member of iMobility Forum
Member of IBEC Management Committee
Editorial Board of the IET ITS Journal
Editorial Board of the Nordic Textile Journal
Member of ITS Sweden
Founder of the National ITS Postgraduate School


Published: Wed 07 Jun 2017.