Stefan Lemurell

Docent mathematics.
Vice head of the department, responsible for undergraduate studies

Stefan Lemurell research area is Number theory with a focus on questions within the Langlands program. He has mainly contributed with results on Maass wave forms and calculations of L-functions of high degree. Stefan is a an editor and core developer in the international group behind the L-functions and modular forms database ( He teaches primarily in discrete mathematics and linear algebra and has written textbooks on both these subjects.

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Current teaching:
Introductory algebra (GU)

Recent teaching:

Discrete mathematics, IT (Chalmers)
VT:2013: Modular forms (PhD course)

​Stefan Lemurell's main project currently is the international large scale collaboration L-functions and Modular Forms Database, where he is an editor, core developer and a main contributor of data. This is a long time project in Number theory involving more than 80 mathematicians from 12 countries. The project is a coordinated effort to develop new algorithms, perform calculations and make data easily accesible and useful. The core of the project is the website, which was officially released in May 2016. The website is aimed at researchers and students in mathematics and presents the results of the project in a novel way. Features of the website include powerful tools to search and browse a huge database of mathematical objects, explanations of the mathematics behind, visualization of data and links that illustrate the deep and fascinating web of connections between different types of mathematical objects. An example of Stefan Lemurell's contribution is the discovery of the Grand Canyon L-function.​

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