Sebnem Yilmaz Balaman

Researcher, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Physical Resource Theory.

Sebnem joined the Division of Physical Resource Theory in February 2020. After receiving her Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering, she worked as a post-doc researcher in the UK and then as an Associate Professor in Turkey.
Sebnem conducts interdisciplinary research to solve systems design and operational management problems on the intersection of sustainability and efficient energy production in biomass-based production chains. She is specifically interested in the policy-deployment-sustainability nexus. She develops modeling and optimization methodologies to address the multiobjective stakeholder perspective and uncertain systems behavior.

At Chalmers, Sebnem takes part in the EU project “Green Valleys”, conducting research on multifunctional landscapes that integrate bioenergy, food, and feed production. Her role in the project is to build modeling approaches to develop and analyze deployment strategies for interwoven agriculture - green biorefinery - bioenergy systems and for sustainable intensification of agriculture based on green biorefineries. Focus is placed on the environmental/climate benefits from introducing grasslands as carbon sinks and substituting bio-products with their fossil-based counterparts.

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