Sandra Roos

Industrial PhD student, Environmental Systems Analysis, Energy and Environment

Sandra Roos (maiden name Häggström) is researcher in the field of environmental management and chemicals. Main areas of expertise are life cycle assessment (LCA) and chemicals in products. Performer and supervisor in LCA studies. Author and co-author to reports concerning LCA and chemicals commissioned both by companies and by the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI), the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency (KLIF) and other authorities. Expertise in assignments from companies and within the forum The Swedish Chemicals Group at Swerea IVF for the textile and the electrical and electronic industry.

Industrial PhD student in MISTRA project Future Fashion developing sustainability strategies for the Swedish fashion industry with special focus on including chemicals in the assessment of fashion product’s life cycle environmental performance.
​Deltar i följande projekt: Mistra Future Fashion, SUPFES, TexBar, Kemikaliegruppen m.fl.

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