Per-Simon Kildal

Professor, Antenna systems, Signals and Systems (*1951 †2016)

Professor Per-Simon Kildal is an antenna specialist and the author of over 100 scientific journal articles. Awarded with several prestigeous international prizes, including the “Distinguished Achievement Award of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society”, Kildal has invented industrialized antennas used in successful products like Ericsson’s MINILINK. He has also designed large antennas, such as the Ø300m radio telescope in Arecibo, and is involved in developing technology for Square Kilometer Array (SKA). Kildal is the founder of Bluetest AB, providing new OTA measurement technology for wireless devices with MIMO. He teaches Antenna Engineering based on his antenna textbook and has supervised and lead 18 students to a PhD in antennas.
Antenna Engineering

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