Olle Nerman

Professor emeritus, Mathematical Sciences

Prof. Olle Nerman has a background in pure and applied probability research, in particular theory for asymptotic growth and composition stabilization phenomena of ideal branching populations and their applications in population dynamics and theoretical biology.

In the 1990s he gradually widened his research in several directions, e.g. towards finite population sampling, statistics in medicine and statistical genetics and methods for identification of disease connected genes. Later on, Olle was heavily engaged in building up bioinformatics teatching and research in University Gothenburg, in Chalmers, and on the national level.

Recently, he has been engaged in more traditional medical research collaborations with scientists at Sahlgrenska, in properly tailored methods suitable for analysis of data heavy field operational trafic saftey studies. The latter activity is done in collaboration with scientists both from academy and car and truck related industry engaged at the SAFETY trafic research centre hosted by Chalmers.

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