Mats Stading

Adjunct professor at the division of Engineering Materials, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Mats Stading specialises in bio-based materials such as bioplastics and biological tissues and how to process them using extrusion and solution technologies. As Adjunct Professor he also works at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden where he applies materials science to foods and other biological materials in the unit Product Design. The common denominator is biopolymers and their functional properties. Expanded starch is for example used as loose-fillers in packaging as well as the base in cheese doodles, and the science needed for describing the material properties and the production is the same.

Processing and applications of biopolymer systems involves flow, described by rheology which is a common denominator in his research projects. He is previous President of the European Society of Rheology and the Nordic Rheology Society and is well connected internationally. He also leads international and national research projects. You will find more information, recorded lectures and a textbook on rheology at

Page manager Published: Mon 10 May 2021.