Magnus Rönn

Architect, Associate Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Design

From 2017, Magnus Rönn is affiliated to Building Design, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Chalmers. Magnus is vice president of the Nordic Association of Architectural Research, NAF, and chief editor of the Nordic Journal of Architectural Research, NJAR. The scientific journal is in Norway, Denmark and Finland ranked as a publication at international level (Level 2).

In 1998 Magnus Rönn was appointed Associate professor at the School of Architecture, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH. He has worked as a researcher and teacher at KTH during 1995-2016 at advanced level, in doctoral courses and have been responsible and for continuing education. The courses have been focusing on (a) quality in architecture and urban design, (b) architectural evaluation and (c) architectural competitions as theory and professional practice. Magnus has organised and participated in scientific conferences on the competition in architecture and urban design. He has published several anthologies and theme issues about competitions in scientific journals.

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