Marianne Karlsson

Professor at the Division for Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

MariAnne Karlsson’s research aims to develop knowledge on the multi-dimensional relationship between people and technical artifacts. Central themes include methodology for eliciting user requirements (functional as well as affective) for new technical products and systems, prerequisites for individuals’ adoption of new technology (ICT in particular) and its effects on everyday life, and development of new technical solutions to support sustainable behavior.
In 2015 she was was elected member of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Gothenburg
PPU 180 Design for Experience
LUP 085 Design for Emotional Experience
PPU090 Industrial Design Engineering – Theory and Practice

​Area of Advance Transport


MariAnne Karlsson is active in the Area of Advance Transport where she is a member of the advisory boards of the two profiles Transport Efficiency and Customer Adapted Logistics (TECAL) and Traffic Safety (TS).



She is involved in the SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre as a member of the reference group "pre-crash" and of SAFER’s scientific advisory committee. She is also responsible for the competence area ”Human Factors Design”.


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