Lennart Svensson

Professor, Electrical engineering

Lennart Svensson is Professor in Signal Processing. His research interests include nonlinear filtering, multi-target tracking, deep learning, Bayesian inference and reinforcement learning.
Undergraduate courses
Random signals analysis (with Patrik Albin)
PhD courses
Bayesian statistics (with Henk Wymeersch)
Nonlinear filtering (with Lars Hammarstrand)
Nonlinear filtering and tracking (with Lars Hammarstrand)
Probabilistic Graphical Models (with Lars Hammarstrand)
In the “Flipping classroom teaching" video we provide an introduction to the concept of flipped classroom teaching and explain some of the key arguments in favour of that teaching style. The second video describes how we flipped a Masters course (SSY320) at Chalmers University of Technology, during the fall 2014. We also go through what the teacher and the students thought about the experience.


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