Leif Asp

Professor at the division of Material and Computational Mechanics, Department of Industrial and Materials Science.
Co-Director of Chalmers Material Science Area of Advance

Professor Asp’s research is focused on efficient design methodologies for carbon fibre composite transport applications. The research relies on more than twenty-five years’ experience in damage tolerance modelling, design and certification methods for aircraft composite structures. Composite design and verification rely on combined virtual and experimental approaches in a so-called building block approach. The experimental test campaign required to complete and verify a composite vehicle is costly. The research in Lightweight composites materials and structures aims to increase analysis capability to allow increased virtual testing, and hence reduce cost related to physical testing. The research will address a wide range of carbon fibre composites, from traditional UD-composites via textile reinforced to short fibre composites, and as such will be relevant for applications across the transport sector, e.g. automotive, aero engines and aircraft structures.

Since 2007, Professor Asp leads research activities on multifunctional composites. In particular, the research group performs research on structural battery composites, a material that can simultaneously store electrical energy and carry mechanical loads. The work comprises material development and characterization, ranging from mechanical and electrochemical characterization of constituents to cells and multi-cell structures.
Multifunctional carbon fibre ​​​
1 min video on how multifunctional carbon fibres can replace regular batteries

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