Lars Bergdahl

Professor Emeritus, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Water Environment Technology

Lars Bergdahl is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, and in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the Division of Water Environment Technology, at Chalmers.

Lars Bergdahl’s research on water surface gravity waves was devoted to wave energy studies, to wave forces on and wave-induced motions of fixed and floating structures, and to the dynamics and fatigue of mooring cables.

Lars Bergdahl’s research within computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has focused on its application to engineering hydraulics and environmental problems e.g. mixing in ponds and reservoirs, flow over weirs and in rivers.

Lars Bergdahl's thesis treated thermally induced, non-linear, viscoelastic expansion of ice sheets in water reservoirs and the rheological behaviour of ice.

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