Athanasios Kouzelis

Affiliate researcher at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the Division of Building Design

After completing his doctoral studies at Chalmers, Athanasios Kouzelis has been a professor at the National Technical University (TEI) and UniWA in Athens. He has taught theories and methods in innovative design. The main purpose of the academic career has been to methodically build students' knowledge and skills to drive innovation projects from idea generation to implementation. This includes helping them to understand the praxeology for human needs and requirements for innovation development, in relation to concrete social, ecological and economic interests.

Athanasios Kouzelis’s research is about the development of innovative methods based on the design creativity’s history and knowledge theory. This research activity has been funded by foundations in Greece and EU institutions. His ongoing scientific work has a specific focus on innovative design-oriented research, in collaboration with practitioners who are not only involved in education but also linked to professional architectural and design projects, where a complex combination of cultural, social, functional, economic and ecological knowledge formulates concrete planning proposals as realizable ideas. In addition, he has been head of the design consulting company Indesignbureau and contributed with conferences on cultural compensation in architectural design.

Since June 2021, Athanasios Kouzelis has been an affiliated researcher in the Division of Building Design at the Chalmers Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
Sustainable and Social Architectural Design / UNIWA​
2017 Treatise (monograph) on Architecture as praxis, “Η Αρχιτεκτονική ως πράξη» (220 pages,2014) ISBN 978-960-93-8691-3.


2018 Treatise (monograph) on Design Theory “The object as form and value”  (in English, 140 pages, 2014). ISBN 978-960-93-6845-3.


2019 Treatise (monograph) “Hanseatic League. History & civilization” (in English, 199 pages, 2020). ISBN 978-91-983911-4-5.

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