Laura Kmoch

PhD Student, department of Space, Earth and Environment.

My research explores drivers, pathways and impacts of land-use change on livelihoods and socio-ecological production landscapes of smallholders in Myanmar. Since 2011 Myanmar experiences a phase of rapid transformation, due to the formal cessation of military governance and the implementation of reforms. In this context, I explore challenges and new opportunities arising for rural people at the forest-agriculture margin, with a specific interest in agroforestry practices.
I strive to identify sustainable development trajectories for rural people, towards the triple objective of improved livelihoods, sustainable use and conservation of natural resources and ecosystems.
​To see which research projects Laura participates in, please visit the database Chalmers research.​​

AGFORWARD deliverable 1.1. Agroforestry for Europe.

K. Paul, S. Roxburgh, J. Raison, J. Larmour, J. England, S. Murphy, J. Norris, P. Ritson, K. Brooksbank, T. Hobbs, C. Neumann, T. Lewis, Z. Read, D. Clifford, L. Kmoch, M. Rooney, D. Freudenberger, J. Jonson, A. Peck, R. Giles, J. Bartle, G. McAurthur, D. Wildy, A. Lindsay, N. Preece, S. Cunningham, T. Powe, J. Carter, R. Bennett, D. Mendham, R. Sudmeyer, B. Rose, D. Butler, L. Cohen, T. Fairman, R. Law, B. Finn, M. Brammar, G. Minchin, P. van Oosterzeeand and A. Lothian. (2012). Improved estimation of biomass accumulation by environmental plantings and mallee plantings using FullCAM. Report for Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. CSIRO Sustainable Agriculture Flagship, Canberra, Australia.

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