Karin Lundgren

Professor/Research group leader, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Concrete Structures

Karin Lundgren is professor in Concrete Structures at the Division of Structural Engineering, research group Concrete Structures. Her research has been ranging from large scale (complete buildings) to small scale (material level) within the field of concrete structures. Common for all her research is the combination of modelling and experimental work. The modelling includes both the use of non-linear finite element analyses, and analytical work. Since Karins Ph. D. studies, one focus area has been modelling of the long-term behaviour of concrete structures subjected to deterioration due to environmental impacts, especially corrosion of reinforcement.

​Examiner in two basic courses given at the Bachelor level, in the third year of the education:
BMT015 – Structures
BMT020 – Structural Engineering

Karin earlier taught in several different courses at the Master’s level, e.g.
VBB048 - Concrete Structures

​Chalmers Areas of Advance:

Building Futures

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