Karin Andersson

Full Professor in Maritime Environmental Science

Karin Andersson is a full professor at the division of Maritime Environment and Energy Systems. Her academic background is in Chemical Engineering (M Sc), Nuclear Chemistry (Ph D) and Environmental Systems Analysis. She also spent one year of studies in Archaeology. After working as a consultant in environmental systems analysis for seven years, she was one of the two founders of the research group for Environmental Systems Analysis at the department for Civil and Environmental Engineering at Chalmers in 1990 together with Torbjörn Svensson. The group has been active in developing and teaching environmental/sustainable development courses within different Master of Engineering programs at Chalmers and were a driving force in the development of research within Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Sweden. This led to the start of a national competence centre, CPM with participation of more than 10 large Swedish companies. Karin is employed at the department of Shipping and Marine Technology since 2009. Her present research interests focuses on decision support relating to environmental impact and resource use caused by technical systems in shipping using Environmental Systems Analysis tools like life cycle assessment (LCA). Examples of present research projects are “future marine fuels from a life cycle perspective” and “marine energy systems modelling”. The research is connected to the maritime competence centre Lighthouse.

Published: Tue 03 Apr 2018.